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Interested in a slow motion video booth rental for your guests?

So are we!

Here are a couple of things to consider before you book a slow motion video booth:

1) Reserve plenty of space. We’d recommend at least 10’ x 10’ or more to allow for the backdrop, camera and lights setup, possible TV monitor stand and video sharing kiosks to be placed in an orderly manner.

2) Ask if the venue space allows messy conditions after the event is over. Typical props include confetti, silly string, bubbles, or projectiles in general. Slow motion video booths provide a very unique and hilarious experience, but the clean up not so much. If the venue does allow messy conditions, be prepared to agree to any extra fees in order to clean it up.

3) Be prepared for lots of constant light to shine on your face during recording. If you desire darker conditions to set the mood, try to position the slow motion video booth section to be in an area where there can be tons of light without disturbing anyone.

4) White or black backdrops are generally used so that the focus is on the guests movements, but sequined, patterned, and custom made backdrops can also be used.

5) A music soundtrack can be applied to your slow motion video clip, but great caution must be exercised to only use licensed music that you paid for. Unfortunately many popular songs you may hear on a regular basis cannot be used legally so alternative sounding tracks that are less known will have to be used.

If you’re interested in learning more about slow motion video for your event, please reach out on our contact form!