Selfie Wi-Fi Slideshow and On-Site Selfie Printing Photo Booth Rental NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, NJ, Long Island | J'adore Andy

With smartphone cameras being so common these days, it was only a matter of time until everyone gets their moment to shine!

Now your guests can get a print out of their cell phone photos and get them displayed in a live, real-time slideshow on TV with logo or branding.

No hashtags people can’t spell or remember and no need to change your Instagram or Twitter privacy settings to participate! A step above regular hashtag printing.

Just have guests connect to our private Wi-Fi network and send them to a unique URL website to upload their selfie photos.

Concerned about accidental or inappropriate content being uploaded? Not a problem with our real-time moderation feature that gives the host control over what gets shown and printed.

Get in contact with us for more details if this is something you’re curious to learn more about!