Hi, I'm Andy. 

This is the most important page on my website, which is perpetually in construction and vague on purpose.

I've read a lot of creative professionals 'About Me' sections in the past and they all use the same keywords and "poetic and eloquent phrases" to coax the reader. It's gotten to the point it loses its authenticity. Or it could be to game the online search engines and dominate SEO.

I can't say that I'm the best photobooth around in New York. I've stopped using terms like "best" in my vocabulary because there are no facts to back it up. I don't even have any colorful award badges or 5-star reviews to show off to you. I work hard though and I care a lot about the work I help create and deliver to people.  I can say that with certainty. 

No matter what props/backdrops I buy or templates I design, there will always be others who claim to be "better" or have more financial resources and staff. I refuse to throw the competition under a bus to promote myself. We're all on the same team. We're here to serve the public and do work that we enjoy and gives us purpose. Many just let pride and narcissistic ego spiral out of control. If you’re a “competitor,” welcome and thanks for reading. I hope you can change your antagonistic thinking patterns so that perhaps we can work together as opposed to feeling good we made the other person go hungry. That’s a terrible way to live life in my opinion. I’d much rather focus on putting out good work, making some genuine friends, and giving quality service to clients. Truce?

There's not much I can say that makes me different than the others who have similar pictures, props, and backdrops. There's probably a clone of me in another country on the other side of the world. The only thing that makes me different than the competition is me. You're paying for a real person, not a machine.

Here's what I'm all about: I value being a likeable person and someone that others can trust. Trust is the most important thing for me. If something goes wrong, I have to make every effort to rectify a situation as quickly as possible.  I also value face-to-face interactions and not what you currently see all over the world with people's faces buried in electronic devices. I seek building long-term relationships with individuals and large entities, not the one-off kind of relationships because there are too many of those in life already.

If these are things you value too, please get in contact with me and let's get to know each other better. I look forward to hearing from you!